Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 28:Continue SF Postponement Backchat

Continuing with Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Statements
On Postponement Backchat

There should be more to life than doing the same thing all the time

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to BE/LIVE in the idea that doing the same thing over and over is beneath me, that I was placing myself as a person who “should” be above repetitious work, thus as I am writing this I am seeing that I believed that I should be in Gods/ or some higher something favor, and thus this made me angry in the way that why is “God” doing this to me. I should be free from menial labor. Lol.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to live in a world in my mind of fantasy and hope of a better place in a future instead to be Here in the present with me and LIFE, thus indicating that I be/lived that have no say so or power in the reality I am creating/ thus believing I am a victim of my circumstances and living in HOPE that someone/something out there has the responsibility to change life.

Thus within this I forgive myself that I have not understood by holding onto this belief that I have been abdicating responsibly for life and that this is one of the programmed belief system that has been responsible for us never evolving out of greed, wars, and abuse because we have been WAITING for something/someone/God to make this changes for us, and seeing that if WE WANT TO CHANGE WE HAVE TO DO IT, otherwise there is no FREE WILL.

Self Corrective Statements (SCS) 

When and if I see myself going into frustration or resentment when having to do repetitious work, I stop and breath and realize that this does not diminish who I am/ that this was just away to want to feel superior in a believe I was inferior and realize repetitious work is part of life and as such does not diminish, but support life.

Life should be fun and not work – and
I want to do something I want to do now that feels good or fun for me

This statement is similar to “There should be more to life than doing the same thing all the time”

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate me into a mind fuck of polarity of fun and not fun, labeling work as not  fun because it is something seen as “ I have to do it” thus feeling/believing that I am forced as a victim to work. Where in reality there is work I like to do. So to clarify – it is not work completely that I do not like. It is simply doing something that I rather not do at that time, because I want to do something else I had in mind – thus being totally directed by my emotions/feelings and thoughts that this would be more fun right now.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that my total goal in life is to have fun – that is what “God” wanted – yet within this believe I have been living in self interest and not what is best for All – as I was only interested in my fun and not seeing or realizing that living in away that does not consider All of life – means you can not be Life As All as One as Equal. And as I am going through this process of learning Self direction instead of programmed ego/emotional direction, that I have more self worth and self love and interest for All than I ever had before.


When and if I go into backchat in my mind of “live should be fun – not work”, I stop – breath and realize that my idea of “fun” was programmed as self interest  and not supportive to Life as what is best for ALL, thus making me separate from what is actually HERE, and actually  ME and Living practically, thus I was not seeing/living true LIFE but living in a fantasy world within my mind.

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