Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 70 Desteni Review - Are you in, or are you out?

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There is a new way emerging from the Desteni Group - One that supports all of life on this planet. And will define who we are becoming if we allow it.

Desteni is paving the way for a paradigm shift. This will only happen when people actually change. We have never really had a paradigm shift yet as humans. We did not/do not quite understand what love means yet. We think it is a “feel good” feeling that happens in our mind as imagination. Yet as we look out into the state of existence on this world there is still and has always been much abuse going on towards others and nature. 

Funny because nature is what supports us here – yet we exploit it and humans to make profit, not caring about anything except what we want. We as a group called humans are still doing this.

Desteni has been investigating all areas where we allow abuse, so we may become aware of it within ourselves and the world. Without this awareness as the first step – nothing will change. People fear to see the abuse – thus they go into a “love” feeling within their mind, thinking that because they are experiencing this feeling it is making a difference. But what they do not understand is that this is actually supporting what is really going on as abuse – because being in ones mind and actual change are two different things.

And if you are really willing to see yourself honestly – you can see that going into Love within your mind only, without a practical solution or supporting a practical solution that will benefit all of life, is really in self interest. Meaning you are only serving Yourself by hiding within your mind – so you may “feel good” and not have to doing anything, not have to take responsibly to make an actual change. 

I have been involved with the Desteni group for 5 years now and it has not been easy. By that I mean to actually see, to what extent abuse is going on in existence will blow your comfort bubble for sure! But for me I have been asking the question why have we not as humans evolved yet beyond abuse? And the short answer is because no one wants to see it!! We have been actually supporting abuse by defending our reasons why we won’t look at it or why we think abuse will not change.

I am sorry to say that religions are one of the biggest culprits of this. The religions that say there is an after life where you will be rewarded. So do not question what is here – Just love god or Jesus and you will be fine when you die! And you may even be rewarded while you are on earth if you pray hard enough. Most religions are set up by humans to explain something they don't understand or what they think can not change. Or they are set up on purpose, so people will not change and believe themselves to be slaves of circumstances. This way those that want power will use different types of religions to subdue people. 

Desteni is not an exclusive club, cult or organization. Anyone who is ready to love life into existence is welcome. Our definition of Loving life into existence is from Jesus teachings. Do unto others as you would have done unto you. We are starting this from the stand point of – let’s look at what we need for survival first. All need food – so we give food to all. All need shelter so we give shelter to all. All need proper health and education services so we give that to all. All needs nature to survive so we give to and support nature. It is really SO BASICALLY common sense – that it is amazing we are missing it!

We need to evolve beyond defending believes that do not support All of Life.
Meaning now most of us defend this system that we have now, we defend the way we think about it as opinions. Thus in this way we are actually defending starvation and abuse. Once we stop that and start to redefine this system/world through the written words as practical solutions and start living them, we will have our new world paradigm.

This is exactly what Desteni is promoting to all of humanity. By developing through the written word a system, a creed, a way of life for us to adhere to that will bring about a new human. The platform, the Principle to change ourselves is to start Living the words as a question – Is this Best For All? Are we living the words “Do unto others as you would have done unto you? Because what is best for all, is best for us, and what is best for us, is best for all. If it is best for me to have food – then it is best for all to have food. Is it best for all for you to have food and shelter and another not? 

All of humanity that is ready to end the acceptance and allowance of abuse can join us in the beginning platform that is called Equal Money Capitalism (I call it CapitALLism). Though there is a lot of controversy about this- what is it called and other objections it does not matter – as the written word for change has to start somewhere. The more people support this the sooner the change will happen. Are you in, or are you out?
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