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Day 88 What is “What is best for All?”

The Equal Right of future generations to receive a living planet free of pollution, disease, hunger, violence and destruction so that life shall endure and thrive into eternity now and forever. 

Desteni shares the message of living a life that is Best for all Life. 

When I say that to someone I get a look… Like what the fuck does best for all mean? I mean I even ask that question at first. Like huh? It seems to be incomprehensible to people. And then I get the question “Who decides what is best for all?” And the question is not in a curious way or tone, but in a skeptical, cautious and fearful tone.  Like how can someone possibly KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL!

Thus I am seeing that we as a human race never ever considered the idea that something can be best for ALL. The argument is everyone is different, an individual you know, how can someone know what is best for them. What is best for them may not be best for me, type of fear. I mean it creates fear, this idea of doing something with the starting point of what is best for all of life.

And now that this point became clear to me, I think we need to define what, what best for all means. It has to have a definition because the idea of what is means to people now is one of fear. 

So I will then use and example to explain to them what is best for all. So as an example, I would say, when the USA goes to other countries and kills there people and steals their resources – ask is that best for all? No it is not – it is not best for those countries and their people or the land, it is only best for USA, but not really because killing others and making enemies is not best for anyone. Well that is one way I have explained it. Then I say, everyone will decide what is best for all – there will be an equal vote. A bill of rights and laws will be presented, that will protect all of life. And if all of life is happy and taken care of, so are you. So what would be the problem with that?

What fear would you have to that? If it is not best for all, then it would not be put to law.

But still people fear that, they fear that they will not be allowed to do something…One of the fears is “what will you do with people who do not want what is best for all?” Interesting isn’t it? It is like people do not want that rule/law – they don’t trust it!

So then I say it will be voted on as to what to do with those who do not want what is best for all. And some are still in fear. Why?

 People are afraid that having a world that supports what is best for all life will “Take Away Your Right as far as you’re concerned to Acquire Your Own Wealth and Happiness through Consciousness, through Conning Other People. So you’ll Blame the Truth as being a Con, the Truth as Negative, but the Truth is the Truth – You Cannot Change that.” (See more at:

The truth is that we if we do not share recourses equally with human and nature beings that we are destroying ourselves because we are living against life, not with it. We are taking parts of life and saying this is mine – I can do what I want – and there are consequences – billions are suffering and more to follow.

Could it be We do not trust the word BEST? We have been constantly told what is best for us! Our parents tell us, all the TV commercials and drug companies tells us what is “best” for us and most all of it are lies. No one can tell us what is best for us because usually, when told that it is best for us, the one who is telling you that, is because it is best for them.

 But Desteni uses the term “What is best for All” Not the phrase “what is best” but the phrase “What is best for ALL.”

With all said, I would say that maybe the word “best” might need to be replaced, as all we can see and hear is “what is best” and we don’t trust that, because we know it is deceptive because we do it and use it ourselves… What is fair for all life? No that won’t work; fair has way too many loop holes. It is like it was quoted above – we are taught from birth to think what is best for Us – not for all. So we only look out for ourselves and ignore the state of the world that we have created.
So  we need to get over our self interest fear of living as the starting point of what is best for all, the fear is a program instilled at birth by the sins of our fathers, who did not see or understand the consequences of this type of thinking.
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