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Day 91 Self Discovery – Why do we feel alone? Paranoia of feeling alone

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We are the only species that do not work together for the good of the whole!

Every other life form on this planet works together for the survival of their species. We do NOT. We work towards our personal individual self fulfillment, self glorification and gratification – No wonder we feel alone. The consequences of this is destruction, which is becoming more and more evident in our world. We kill all species, including our own for self glorification and gratification.

We have been taught that in the eyes of God we are special – Even though many do not feel that. We have to keep reminding ourselves that we are special. So we can make sense of our lives. We have to go to gurus, self help seminars, spiritual channels, religions and churches that all tell us we are special and to remember that! Are we really that insecure???

I think our insecurity is because we have separated ourselves from each other so much that we feel completely alone. And then search for some sort of personal fulfillment. We want to believe we are special; we want to believe that we are better than what our world shows us. But what is really going on is; We feel alone and are insecure because we are a threat to ourselves.

Our motto in life is “How can I get ahead? Think about it – ahead of what? “Get ahead of the game” is a slogan. The game of what??? Wanting to win, wanting to be special. If you’re not ahead – you are not special.

We are so programmed that we accept this as normal behavior. We have accepted and allowed the idea that we must get ahead to be our life’s purpose- that we have no rules at all! All is fair in Love and War type of mentality. Where we get applauded for our cunningness, our lying and manipulation to get ahead of the game. Where we accept that killing others to get ahead is okay. We are killing our own species along with others to get ahead. No wonder we feel alone, we are taught that it is okay to me mean, lying and deceptive to get ahead.

What a shame. Really. I am ashamed of our species; I am ashamed of Us as a whole. We give money to all those gurus, self help seminars, spiritual channels, religions and churches, not to mention the money we spend on body building, gyms, face and body lifts, cosmetics, cloths so we can feel special, not to lose our specialness. And all of this that we pay for, is the reason we feel alone. These types of things have not helped us, only separated us further and further from life.

And if we are honest with ourselves, we are all afraid, even if we have all we desired, all the money to make our dreams come true – in our hearts we are still afraid. Why? Because in our hearts we do not trust our own species, we are threatened by our own self and behavior because we have accepted and allowed a dog eat dog world. No wonder we feel alone and afraid in our secret mind, the part we don’t talk about. We fear our own selves. This is the secret no one talks about – The secret to life.

Desteni is the only group that I know of that has told the truth, there are a few individuals who have tried, Jesus and some others, but we did not listen. We did not want to give up our specialness, we did not want to give up our addiction to the energy high of self gratification. We thought that was life – that feeling of self gratification at any cost.

We were too blind by the feeling to see the consequences. This is why Desteni is feared – because they tell the truth about us – no specialness, they do not make money by telling you that you are special and telling you all you need to do is love yourself. They tell you that if we do not change this believe/idea that we should be special above all else, that this idea is the exact thing that is causing all the abuse and suffering in this world. All the unfairness and inequality that is causing massive abuse in this world, our need to feel special has manifested as greed, slaughters, wars, unconcern for other life forms, rapes and abuse.

Well maybe this is how we evolve – how we learn about consequences, we have to experience our own suffering, our own destructive creations before we will consider what is best for the whole. And start to see and realize that what is best for the whole is best for us.

I think if we stared worked together for the good of the whole, we would not feel alone, we would have what we are all spiritually looking for – Unity.

Desteni is offering suggestions for solutions to work together as a whole. To stop our addiction to the idea of specialness that has destructive consequences: 

So if you are ready to give up your specialness and start to make a difference in our existence, start to create a species that is worthy of life - Join us, work together with us - We cant wait for God - God gives us life - what we do with it is up to us. 

Join Desteni the specialness busters, Get your WAKE UP CALL – get involved – The world will not change unless we change it Together. None are free until All are free.

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"because war will nolonger necessary to keep capitalism going"


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