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Day 90 Is Desteni a Scam? My 5 + year Investigation - Part 1

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First of all I will identify my conclusion of what a “scam” is from my own personal experience with it. A scam is a group or individual that wants only your money and will not give you anything of real value in return. They make promises to you that you will benefit from sending in your money or buying something that will enhance your life. Many times you will get absolutely nothing in return as they will run off with the money, like investment scams or you will get a shoddy product of no value or worth.

My name is Adele Caskey, I was born in August of 1953 in Youngstown, Ohio. And I stumbled upon Desteni in the year of 2007; Thu Sep 13, 8:42 pm is when I joined their first forum. I am specific with the date because I had to go to the old forum to see actually how long I have known about Desteni.

What started my investigation with Desteni was when a friend emailed me this video to watch. And it was uploaded by Desteni. The video intrigued me so I watched a few more and then I went to their forum and started reading posts. I was very skeptical, as I am cautious because I have learned not to trust anyone really, that most things are just opinions that usually benefit the person saying them and are not necessarily true, or something they heard somewhere else and have not even investigated for themselves the validity of such ideas or statements.

So I am a skeptical person and I still investigate for myself everything that is presented from Desteni. In fact what I really admire and found refreshing is that Desteni actually wants you to and challenges you to investigate everything Desteni says for yourself! Now – this is what makes Desteni a cut above anything else I have heard out there. If this was a scam would they tell you to investigate them? Would they tell you to visit the farm and see for yourself? And I did visit the farm for 3 months in 2009.

I can not say in a few words the value I have gained from meeting these people, As the value is personal, personal self empowerment through understanding true self honesty. And it is a process, a process of self discovery that I have never experienced before and one that can only experience for yourself.

I am writing this article because there are those out there in the world that are trying to discredit Desteni and now they are saying it is a scam. LOL – I just have to laugh because of the absurdity of a certain type of people that have to promote disinformation. I don’t know why they do this, is it insecurity or wanting to appear knowledgeable, are they getting paid for it as disinformation trolls? There are actually people who get paid to misinform – and I did my own investigation on this, I was shocked, but its true.

So by my definition of a scam, and now let’s put the dictionary definition as well which is 1. a fraudulent scheme; swindle. 2. to cheat; defraud.

I must say and will testify that Desteni has never in my close to 6 years of continuous contact and involvement been or acted in a fraudulent way or have given out any service or products that has not enhanced my life to be a better person for my self and humanity.

Do they ask for money? Yes they do now – I remember back the first few years when I first met them and they asked for nothing. I even suggested you guys do so much for free, you devote all your time to get the truth out and help people with learning how to deal and understand their destructive emotional habits – you should start asking for money to support yourselves. My fear was that they would go away when the money ran out, as everyone needs to buy food and have housing, heath care, and they needed access to the internet to reach people, if they did not have these things then they could not be here to help those who were ready to learn how to make a difference in their lives.

Now they offer products and services that one can pay for, though even now, they still help those who are serious about changing themselves and want to make a difference even if they do not have financial means to contribute.

So, we who know and understand the value of what Desteni is offering, sharing and encouraging us to get involved with as a solution to inequality, want to support Desteni monetarily because we understand we are supporting ourselves as well.

So those few people who are saying Desteni is a Scam, well they have been investigated. And most of them have never investigated what Desenti is about. They have taken a few sentences out of context from the forum or a video and placed them with the starting point to discredit Desteni on purpose. And then they have this fraudulent following that they get by promoting unjustified fear to them. We had a forum where we were discussing ways to support the Group finically so we can continue supporting people, and I know there were a few that were on that forum that decided Desteni was not for them and so they felt, to feel better about themselves, they would discredit Desteni. And then there are others that are paid dis-informants, they are suppose to divide, by spreading misinform on any group that wants equality, as equality will threaten their hold of power that they have over people.

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