Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 84 My Experience with a few Destonians – A Breath of Fresh Air

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The other day I got to meet and spend the day with 2 Destonians that are in an agreement with each other. I 
must say it was an extraordinary day! It was a breath of fresh air so to speak. I got to see two young Destonians ages under 30yrs really making a difference. I got to listen to their stories and share mine of who we have been and where we were headed in life until we got involved with Desteni. I got to hear how they have worked on their self’s for these past 5 years with Self honesty and Self forgiveness to the point where they are learning how to become the self directed principle in their life and learning to understand the principle of living life as what is best for all.  Note – we are not there yet, but that is the goal we are all working towards, which take constant dedication to understand what it means to be self honest, what it means to see how we have accepted and allowed ourselves to live as emotional programs that have been set in place to manipulate and control us, to the point where we don’t question the state of our world that we all share, or that we look for solutions in dilutions of imaginary thinking.

The agreement was not the typical relationship that we have been programmed to follow. It was a couple who’s main reason to be together was to assist and support each other to support living a life that is best for all. Now let me ask you – have you ever gotten into a relationship where you thought – how can we work towards a better life for all of humanity? Most people get together for self interest only. How can that person make me feel good? What can that person give to me?  I want that person all to myself and I want them to make me happy.  Thus this is why I say it was a breath of fresh air. Not the stale air we has humanity has been accepting and allowing, where our only goal is to find someone to make us happy as we ignore all the suffering and abuse that is going on in the world. See this was the plan – to make us consumers of self only happiness so we would not want to change the world – because then we remain ignorant slaves to the emotional mind which is amazing easy to control.

We talked about our experiences with insights into ourselves, how we are working on and seeing points about emotional addictions. We talk about this amazing educational tool called TechnoTutor that will help children of any age to learn the importance of words and to where they can make a difference in their life and not just be a product of our emotional programming. We shared food and coffee together, we played with the dog.

What was really cool is I have known them via Desteni for 5 years, because Destonians share our progress with each other through blogs, group chats and forums, but I never met them in person. I felt so natural to be around them. It is amazing to be with people who are working on themselves in self honesty in a way that can make a difference for the world. Thanks for the visit!

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  1. Cool indeed, I can say the same here in meeting the Destonians from the lowlands ;}

  2. Very good to read, is this technotutor program avalaible for other countries? When I asked for an assessment there is only the option USA or Canada?