Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 83 Exlporing Emotion via DIP Lite - Anger

Anger and being Overwhelmed 

Anger is an emotion related to one's psychological interpretation of having been offended, wronged, or denied and a tendency to react through retaliation.

Step 2: Explore the word through writing an example of how you have lived this word within your life:

I have had all forms of anger in my life - Where I have blamed another for not living up to my expectations of them. Now though I am redefining anger to not one of "blame" to/towards someone or something, but where I am seeing/learning and understanding that anger as blame in the past has only put me in self pity mode, which is unproductive. Blaming someone or something does not change anything. It is about seeing the anger and then coming up with a practical solution for change.

My most promote experience of anger recently is the point I have been working on which is being overwhelmed where in I was getting angry at the "interpretation" that I had of "to much to do" and "not enough time." Within this I saw that I was blaming the things I had to do - and then within this I was angry at the things I had to do. Thus the anger was blame to/towards doing things!

I have mentioned before Anu's interview (1584-how-do-i-stop-feeling-this-way-reptilians-part-189) where he says to notice stress - so this has helped as my stress was because of anger having to get things done. What I also noticed was the reason this overwhelmness and anger was not going away was because I was suppressing it. I did not really understand the difference between suppressing something and letting it go (SF,) by suppressing it I thought I was not following the thoughts, but what was really happening was that I had the thoughts anyway as backchat. For example – SCA (Self Corrective Application) - is then not allowing yourself to follow the thoughts or accept and allow the thoughts. What I was doing wrong with the SCA - is seeing the thoughts but in the secret mind I was blaming the thoughts for still being there! Thus I did not know how to forgive myself, or what that really meant. Finally it clicked – I said to myself – gee – I am not forgiving myself. Thus I saw for me, what was the subtle understanding of the difference between suppression (which I thought was not accepting and allowing the emotion) and real self forgiveness and SCA.

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