Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 78 Why am I frustrated today?

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This is interesting – I woke up flustered – like the saying “you got out the wrong side of the bed this morning.” This feeling seems to come up out of no where. I was becoming agitated while doing my morning things. I was thinking what is wrong? I caught myself trying to figure it out, but what I was really doing was accepting and allowing it. Then I remembered “YOU DECIDE” And I just stopped the feelings as words spoken in my mind– And I wrote a sign that says I DECIDE, and put it on the wall so I can see it to remind myself that I do not have to accepted and allow myself to be frustrated. This day is no different than the last couple of days, in fact some really cool things have been happening, so I am not sure where the frustration is coming from – but if I stop reacting to it – I can become stable here and take a look.
Frustrated total internal refraction
Frustrated total internal refraction (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think it is because I have some added projects I am starting, thus I get the feeling of being overwhelmed and frustrated – I think that is it. I don’t know why I am frustrated though – ah it is the feeling have lots to do, so I get frustrated. Well this is a familiar feeling that I have been seeing within myself lately. I have done plenty of SF on this point and after I wrote about it today to expose the pattern I just stopped the backchat.
So I decided that I know where this backchat goes, which is nowhere just a spiral with no end lol, so I decided to stop and breathe, bring myself back to now as HERE and continue my day.

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