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Day 81 Why not insure that ALL CHILDREN get the best?

When I first noticed MoneyThought

I remember being a kid and wanting things. On time, it is a vague memory now, but I was out with my mom and or dad and we were in a store. I wanted something I saw and I ask if I can have it and my mom said no. I think it was a toy, something I saw on the way out of the store. I remember being angry that they said no. I did not understand why they would say no. This kept happening were, I would want something and sometimes they would say no and sometime they would say yes. At that time I had no idea about money. I did not know that what I did received came from money. I mean this meant from food, cloths, objects and even going some where (because you needed gas.) The reason I would get angry when they said no – was the fact that I just simply thought that they did not like me. I was feeling like what am I doing wrong that they want to punish me? I didn’t understand. They finally one day I asked my mom why I could not having something. Not sure what it was now, but I remember saying that one of my friends has it. I think it was Cynthia, she would get nice new things, new cloths, new bedroom sets and stuff and I never did. First mom would say cause I said so – but I kept pushing by asking why. Then she finally said we don’t have the money. And I still said why? Why do others have the money and we don’t? Then she explained that my dad had a job that only gave him so much money. And others had jobs that paid more money. She showed me a little math, like here you have so many apples and this cost that many apples, if you don’t have that many apples you can get it. I was like OH! Okay. I see. 

The bizarre thing about this – was that, here all along I thought they did not like me, so this was a relief to know that it was because my dad was not making enough money to get us certain things and that I was denied something just because he didn’t have enough money. 

So I want to start to work right away. I wanted to do things for money. I started ironing my moms friends cloths and doing light house work for them when I was young, then as I got older I started to baby sit and I also got a job at a near by small deli shop, so I could get a few dollars and save them to buy some of the things I wanted. I ended up working from age 13 while going to school to now.

I actually thought it was cool to work so I could get things. But as I got older, I started to see now the fear with this – because now – the ones who pay you have the power. Meaning they can fire you, you may not get a job because there are none, and the fear is if you cant pay for your rent, you cant live and if you don’t have a place – you cant get a job. This never happened to me – I always found something, or friends to help out while in transition. And I never had kids to worry about. At a young age I could see that I did not want to bring kids into this world. There were already so many kids who were orphans and suffering. I thought why we are not taking care of these kids first, before we have our own. I mean this seemed to be common sense – but the world/humans does not see it that way. It was so important to have a child from your own body – that seemed to make it more special… I don’t know why really. There is no why that makes sense. 

Now we have half the world in poverty and we are still having kids – not taking care of what is already here. It is like we are baby machines without any consideration for what that means. We are popping out kids and teaching them to become consumer slaves to feed the elite. We are all humans – we should be taking care of what is here, not just making more of a mess by not questioning things. The craziest thing – is that there are solutions, there is away to make things right. Why do humans fight against it? There is a way where all that are born can have a dignified life. It is an Equal Money system. We all want for our kids to have the best. So why not insure it. Why not insure that ALL CHILDREN get the best? 

Human Rights and the Equal Life Foundation 

“Please Save a Child "


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