Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day:59 The Business of Business

FreSh: Online Business Outlook 2011
FreSh: Online Business Outlook 2011 (Photo credit: Chandra Marsono)
I am noticing patterns that are coming up in relation to me wanting to start my own business so I can take care of my financial needs. One of my dreams has been to have my own business, so I would not have to work for others and I would be able to have creative license. Meaning I can call the shots, I can peruse my own ideas and implantations. I would not feel like a robot, just taking commands from another for there own agenda. Though when I do work for others – I work as it is my own business - meaning I do what I can to support the business doing well. But many times I am in a working environment where the owners were... well – not even seeing what it is they need to do to make the business and employees function to what is best which can lead to frustration.

Anyway – back to my own issues with starting my own business at the moment.
I did have 2 business of my own before that did well – I made a living. So I know I can do it. But I wanted one where I can be freer. Thus I am learning the ropes with online business. As it is going now – I can saw wow! There is a lot to this – and I don’t know if I will be any freer or not! Lol. I can choose my own hours though – where the other 2 business I had to stick to a schedule.

What I am dealing with refers back to my other posts where I can see myself starting to get depressed because things are not working out how I wanted at the moment. (Note I did start many other business where I did not follow through and quit – thus I think I have guilt and self resentment about this, meaning judging myself that I did all that work to learn it – but then I did not follow through after the first attempt. These types of business were sales orientated. I would really be excited about the possibility of how much money I could make. I would go to all the meetings – learn all the techniques – get all the materials needed – then go out to make a sale- I did not like rejection – and I did not like to push – sell the item. I just wanted them to buy if they liked it. I was not what they call a “closer.” So now my goal is to have a product or products that people are already looking for – so I don’t have to sell them – they already want them.
But now within this type of business – You have to find the traffic – the people who are looking for it. So this is what I am learning to do – because there will be competition with this – so you have to know how to get around that.
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