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Day45: Humans Fear Each Other

Man Know Thyself
Man Know Thyself (Photo credit: jrmyst)
I have realized though my participation with Desteni is, that to become Self Realized one much first Know Thy Self. And this is not some self that you think you will be once you become enlightened somehow, or that will be revealed to you someday in heaven or from a Guru, Master or spiritual teacher. I am seeing that the self we need to know is the one we are now – here – today and all our days that we DON’T want to look at. Because these parts of ourself that we don’t want to look at, that we suppress and deny are the very parts of us that are running our lives. They need to be faced and forgiven so we will stop abuse within our world. As our world this planet is one of abuse. You my say may world is okay, there is not abuse around me… But there is abuse happening all around us, that we do not want to acknowledge because we fear it. We think if we acknowledge it – it will make it real for us. Thus we don’t want to care. But even in your own life there is abuse, jealousy, back stabbing, gossiping, greed in one form or another, wanting control over others in your family, friends, co-workers, spitefulness, and envy to name a few. And not to mention the inequality of Capitalism (that causes the greed) that we all participate in.

What I have come to really see is that Humans fear each other and don’t trust each other
Now, why is that? I mean think about it, many of use don’t trust our partner completely, we don’t really trust our neighbors, maybe some, but we lock our doors and hide our stuff. We fear each other. We want a job and fear another human might get it. We fear getting fired or losing our job from a human. We now fear the food we eat, the schools we go to, losing our homes that we have worked so hard to keep. And who is responsible for all this fear that we have accepted and allowed? Humans… 
Mankind lives in a state of constant fear of losing something. We might have a good day, or what we call a good day, because we have numbed ourself in one way or another to forget about our fear for a moment. I mean we even fear how we look – what we are wearing…
Thus Man Know Thyself – But we Deny, refuse to admit or acknowledge our true nature which is fear, and fear causes abuse.

I have been working with the Desteni principle for 4 years now, and its main purpose is for us to see our true nature and do something about it before we destroy ourselves as a species. Within this we are working a process, a journey to uncover and take a look at our true nature. What we accept and allow in our world/planet Earth. I call it “To Become Self Realized You Must Reverse Engineer Yourself.”

What this means is to take each thought, feeling and emotion and go into reverse, go backwards into your past and find as see how and why you created these thoughts, believes in yourself, others and the world. When we see and understand how our thoughts and believes have created a world of inequality and suffering though reverse engineering. That is what people do when they have something and they want to see how it was made – they take it apart all they way to the beginning, thus they now know how it was made.
Thus this is what Man Know Thyself really means. We take our thoughts to the origin and discover how it was made… Then we will know how to change

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