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Love God so he will support you to work your ass off for the Elite and you will be rewarded in the “After Life.”

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CHICAGO - AUGUST 24: A sign hangs outside a Burger King restaurant on August 24, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. Burger King Holdings Inc., the No. 2 U.S. burger chain, reported its fourth-quarter net income fell nearly 17 percent following weak sales and increased costs for ingredients and packaging. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

I started working when I was around 13yrs old. I would do ironing for my mom’s friends and get paid some money. Then when I got a bit older I started to baby sit for money. Then when I was 16yrs old I started working at a local Family owned convenience store where I learning to run cash register, use a meat slicer to cut cheese and deli meats, then I became a cook/waitress for the small eating bar in the back of the store. I did all of this while going to school as well…
Gee I can not think of a time when I did not work to make money so I could buy things my parents didn’t have the money for. My dad had a used car lot and I could buy a car from him at “his” wholesale price which I thought was cool. But I paid my own insurance – well most everything I paid for except as place to live and food at home. I would get a few cloths for Christmas – but if I wanted something else I worked to get it.

I am 59yrs old and I am still working to pay for living.
I didn’t question it much back then – I just knew I had to work so I could have the money to buy what I needed or wanted, so I did. I also had jobs at K-Mart and Burger King during high school age. Then I went to x-ray school for 2 yrs after high school. There was a program at that time where you got paid a little bit to take the course.
I learned to become very independent at a young age and at that early time in my life I liked working because it keep me out of the house as my Mother and I argued a lot, so I did not want to be at home. All I knew was you had to work to survive, so I did.

I had many dreams when I was young. One of them was to be a champion swimmer, just because I loved to be in the water. I would go to the pools in the summer all day when I had the chance. Another dream was to have a horse. I loved riding horses and wished I could have had the money to buy one or join a 4H club. I was a bit upset that my parents did not help me pursue those dreams – they did not feel they were important or they did not have the money to spend on it. In other words how would those things assist me in survival in this world where you needed to do/learn something that you can make an income to support yourself?

I use to be sad a lot because I never got to do those things that I loved so much as a kid. I still had the dreams to do those things, but the years keep going and I was still working to make ends meet, never really making enough to have/do those things.

I was being raised to be a consumer for the Elite so they could do and have all of those things and keep the massed enslaved – working hard so they never had the time or energy to question how the world worked. We became sheeple with the carrot of the “American Dream” only to at a late time in ones life you look back and go --- geee I worked my whole life and now I am tired and my dreams are not fulfilled. I have been a Slave to the System. And then they tell you to love God, have a family and kids because that is all that really matters, so you wont get discouraged and keep supporting the system. If you love God – God will support you. It is the fantasy/lie they use to keep us enslaved. Love God so he will support you to work your ass off for the Elite and you will be rewarded in the “After Life.”
I mean look at the world – look at the past/history. Like Egypt for example. How many slaves where there to the work for the few – built there temples, castles, tombs. The many working to fulfill the dreams of a few. And because the few had verbal skills – using words to Tell the people want they wanted and for some reason we listened to them, why??? Why did we not stand up for ourselves and create a world where all could have a dignified life? We were afraid. But why? Why do we allow this – when it is Us – the many who really have the power! Is it because of the lies that we accepted and allowed to be true? Why did we accept them?

There are answers and solutions to these questions at But one must want to see and understand our nature then have the courage to change it, or one will be a slave always.
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