Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day39:I always feel better after Writing and Posting SF – So why am I not doing it?

I forgive myself that I have been accepting and allowing myself to listen to the backchat in my mind about why not to write – Shit I have so many excuses…
TIME is the biggest one - and then that has a ton of layers to it, because this idea of I don’t have the time is not true. I just don’t want to do it. I think it takes to long to do.
So let have a look at “It takes to long to do
 What believes are I am accepting and allowing within this statement? I am going to list them all – so I can see them and re-program them

When I think it “Takes to long to do” this statement seems to be the one that validates my excuse not to do it. I also have this with school work which causes great stress as well.

Thus the physical consequences are – physical stress – frowning – tighten up my breathing.


  • If I do this I won’t have time to do the other things that need done.
  • This takes to long to do
  • My posts are not as good as others – It will take me too long to learn to do it right
  • I am so far behind of the others in DIP and 7yr journey blogs
  • I wish this was over and we could start living life – lol – I want to be done with this ( I laugh because I am living life – thus I have a believe that doing things that take to long is not living life – thus I fear I am going to miss out on something – because I am doing something I don’t like to do)
  • My body hurts from sitting so much at the computer as most all my obligations are done on the computer
  • I worry about posting these types of post as they are personal as to my Desteni process and others will not understand if they read it.
  • I have so much other stuff going through my mind as backchat as to what I should write about (I have about 20 writing or more that I have started but not finished and thus have not posted)
  • I have all ready written about 2000+  forum posts of writing to freedom and SF in the first 2 -3 years so I do not need to write as much
  • I have DIP to write also – this is too much writing
  • There are always more suggestions to what to write about – thus I don’t know if I should write about this or that – so I allow myself to not want to write at all
  • I really hate to write – I believe it is difficult for me – Others are more programmed to write I am not.
  • I have not written enough to post it. – I will wait then.

That is all I can see at the moment that is my backchat regarding writing. As I read the above backchats – I see that it is not all just about time…

Things I like about writing = It is really self empowering when I do it!  Thus then to also look at the resistance I have towards self empowerment… I can not see this points as of yet except self empowerment also equals self responsibility so I will take a look at that later. I think the above is enough for now to work on.

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