Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 93 God As LIFE

Churches That Abuse
Churches That Abuse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I see God as Life – Thus we are given the gift of Life while here – But we are then responsible for the LIFE we Live – God/Life does not punish us – We just reap what we sow or what we accept and allow. Thus when we justify excuses for why there is poverty and abuse in the world – we are accepting and allowing this.

So we as the human species are facing consequences. If our actions were one of caring for all others as yourselves – there would be no abuse or starvation or poverty. Thus when we pray, it is not enough. It is a way to feel release from guilt for a moment or to maybe clear our heads, so we can see what to do – but God can not change things for the better, or the worst, we have to, we have free will. 

That is why there is abuse. Common sense would dictate that if we start to use our free will to create a world that is best for All of life – We would then end abuse and atrocities in this world. I would say God/Life is waiting for us to get it. What is stopping Us, but ourselves

Check out - Support a change in us that will, use our Free Will power for supporting life instead of destruction of life.

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