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Day 94 Bernard Poolman - Living the Golden Rule

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The other day I was searching the internet to find the Jesus passage that says “Do unto other as You would Have done Unto You,” and to my surprise I found out that this is called the Golden Rule or Silver Rules and that most every single religion states this Rule in one way or another! See this link
"THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT" The Golden Rule (Mt 7:12)

Why is this shock to me? Because now in this age we still have more than half the world who is suffering from poverty and or starvation, we still have wars that we say are to defend our freedom, but we know now it is about money/resources and control. We are taught to hate others that are not like us, we are taught to compete for self glorification and reward.
The list goes on how we have not as humans lived this rule.

Bernard lived as and showed us through living action what the Golden Rule means.
But if we take an honest look out into the world – Very few are living it – Not enough to make a difference. Why is that? Why such a simple principle, a simple rule that would make this world a place of support and caring for all life not be lived? This was Bernard’s mission, to find out why we have not changed, why have we not lived this rule that is taught by each religion. And what can we do about it.

If there was ever a man on earth that lived the Principles of the Golden Rule in the flesh it was Bernard Poolman. Do unto another as you would like done unto you. Simple words. We need to eat – thus make sure everyone has food, we need shelter from the elements, thus make sure everyone has a shelter, we need honest education that supports life on earth, thus make sure everyone has accesses to education. We need health education and care, thus make sure everyone has access to this. All of these things we want for ourselves –we must also want for one another. Living Income Guaranteed. He shared all the education and support he could for these thing along with all the investigation as to why we have not lived as this yet and what we can do to change this.

So Bernard then lived another proverb -”Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.” People who think they did not like Bernard or the Desteni message would say things like – what are you doing to help! Have you feed people with out money? All you are doing is posting stuff; you are not really doing anything about it. Well – then take this into consideration. Give a man a fish and he can eat for the day -Teach a man how to fish and he can eat forever. That is what Bernard did everyday.

Bernard showed Us, opportunities and ways that the world could fish, how we can take care of ourselves by supporting others, nature our planet, because with out consideration for the whole of life, we start to self destruct. –– He researched why have we not changed or evolved yet – why with the Golden Rule taught in every and each religion, we have not evolved to a species that supports life instead of destroying it. This is when he discovered the Mind Consciousness Systems. Now not many wanted to hear this part – because it shows that we have been accepting and allowing ourselves to be brainwashed to live life as self interest instead of common interest to such an extent that we are blinded to see the real truth. We have missed the Golden Rule – which is so simple – why are we not living it? I mean it is so simple – it makes perfect sense – to have a world of joy and peace where we love one another – But we are not doing this – We say, man can not change; this is mans nature to be greedy and seek self rewards no matter what the cost. So we have accepted this as our nature? Why? Because we are stuck in a paradigm belief system that supports separation instead of supporting what is best for all.

Bernard tirelessly spent his days to show us what the Golden Rule means and how we could practically live it as humans in this world. The Desteni group for 6 + years now have been working daily on ways that a new political and governmental foundation can be set up that would follow the Golden Rule Principles. Thus making a place where all can eat and support life. We start with looking at, and investigating practical living ways that we as humanity can do this. It is not about charity – charity only supports for a moment and keeps the enslavement going.

Bernard dedicated his life and walked the Internet to share what it means and what it will take to become and Be the LIVING wordsDO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD LIKE DONE UNTO YOU. It is interesting that this is not taught as primary education. I mean if it were, we would not have the type of leaders that we have now. We would not have the Elite that own 99% of wealth, while others are slaves to support their habit. The short of it is, that we have accepted and allowed ourselves through and as parents to be brainwashed into living as self interest beings instead of common interest beings which we pass on to our children.

It took me 5 years to really even start to grasp what this actually means, the Golden Rule. I have heard it many times; it went in one ear and out the other, as I along with most humans are being programmed to fit into this world of competition to survive. I have Bernard, whom I like to call the Paradigm buster, to thank, who got get me to see this. To see and understand that we must work together as one to create a world that is best for all. To see and face ourselves for what we have been accepting and allowing. To use self forgiveness so we may move forward to create a world free of abuse and live in harmony with life.

People either live directively facing consequence, or they live waiting for things to happen to them before they make decisions. You have to decide who you are in every breath at the cutting edge of time. That determines, through accumulation, who you will be and who you may become. Bernard Poolman.

The shift will happen when WE SHIFT our thinking to first, one of Common Thinking instead of self self-glorification first.

With sincere Thanks and Gratitude to Bernard Poolman for showing us how to Stand Up For and Start to Put into Practical Living the Golden Rule.

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