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Day 71 The Cult of Self

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What we have done wrong is to buy into, and accept and allow the Cult of Self- Within the cult of self – one is only concerned with their own welfare. What will make me happy – how can I get what I want - instead to live as a consciousness of what will make all happy. We have forgotten that we are all One – thus the emergence of corporate greed and atrocities that are now destroying our world. The emergence of TV entertainment and shows that focuses on personal individual desires and wants that keeps us divided into self gratification at all costs. And it is costing us our lives and planet that we live on. We have been taught personal survival – not wholeness survival. Where we believe we have to take from another to have what we want. Thus the manifestations of divided and conquer, greed and wars.

If you need proof of this watch this video "The Cult of Self - Chris Hedges "

 How do we stop this? First part is to see it - we have turned a blind eye for the pursuit of personal gratification and look at where we are now, as we as consumers are consuming the world till there is nothing left, without any regard to life.
I have joined with a group of people who want to learn how to stop being consumers of life and learn how to be part of life – life gives life – consuming only takes. Understand that Corporations that are exploiting life for self gain only are a manifestation of what we have become – they are here to show us to Wake Up – because we have created this. If we turn a blind eye to the atrocities and crimes against humanity as the manifestation of corporations, we are turning a blind eye to a life that will sustain and support us all. 

Within this group called Desteni – is the point to create a New Destiny. First is the wake up call to see what we have done as self interest beings, not caring for the common good of all, but only our own interests. Then to recreate ourselves through self forgiveness, because once you see the truth of what we have become, it will be mind blowing. Which is the point – as the mind has been programmed as self interest. After the wake up call comes changing self – which is a process, we have never done this, we have never stopped the self interest mind program, because we thought it is who we are, and we actually defend it because the ego is afraid to lose itself and become one with all of life- it fears annihilation, thinking that if we become all of life we wont be anything. Lol, Thus why it is important to start working with a group that supports the common interest of life for all things. How do we become One with and as Life – giving life, if we stay separated within our separated believes? 

It feels painful and fearful to give up your self interest desires for happiness, it will even feel like a form of failure because we have been programmed to want what is best for us instead to want what is best for All. 

We are programmed through TV, commercials, movies and shows that tell us what will make us happy. Have you ever seen a show that tells us we will be happy when the whole world is happy? Have you ever seen a show that shows people caring about the whole world? Our shows we see are ones of competition, where we need to WIN. Meaning we need to Win over another. We have to fight the bad guys as we become the bad guys. We have to win a pageant, become a model, get over on others in survival shows (me against them), and be ruthless in business so others won’t make it. We have to win the perfect relationship, manipulate and out smart others for what we want. 

This is what we have been taught to be and this is what we have become – destroyers of others for our interests. So the journey to our Self- the One Self that we all are, will be met with much resistance as we give up the personal self because we fear losing. But if we don’t do this – we really lose – as we destroy each other all in the name of winning, meaning another has to lose and our personal self is satisfied… for a moment… as we destroy life. 

Life gives life- wining for personal gain destroys life. 

If we continue to ignore the things that do not serve humanity and life in the best possible way – that is what will continue – that is the dark side that we refuse to see – because we believe that we should have happiness at all costs, but it you look around you will see what is actually running the show as it is getting bigger and bigger. 

If you dare to care support an Equal Money System.

For personal support to transcend the programed emotional responses we have that keep us enslaved visit

Desntei I Processes and Desteni I Process Lite
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