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Day 103 Boss Woes Continued

Cover of "Don Juan: the Sorcerer (audio C...
Cover of Don Juan: the Sorcerer (audio CD)

Confronting The Petty Tyrant

Continuing from: Boss Woes "Next post I will share what I found out about myself and how I was able to get past these feelings and emotions - It has to do with: Judging Others is Protecting Self Importance.

As I was engaging in self frustration over how my boss was treating me I remembered the word "petty tyrant." This a tern Don Juan used from the Carlos Castaneda books. I  found two articles that I read - one was Confronting the Petty Tyrant, I think it is defiantly worth a read as it helped me see what was going on in regards to me reactions. And the other article called The Petty Tyrant

Here is what I noticed after reading some posts on petty tyrants which is what DonJuan called mean people (my words)

After I read those articles I changed my "perception" of how I saw her and me. The most prominent point Don Juan said that struck me was - A petty tyrant can only influence us because we have "Self Importance"

How to deal with your boss

Thing are better because I changed ( I dropped my self importance)

I did some research on petty tyrant – and found and then realizes that the reason one would have a reaction with them is because of the idea of Self Importance – meaning I would believe that my “pride was attacked” – thus I now do not accepted and allow this anymore within me. So I applied this going to work which is explained below

Other things I noticed

Seems she (boss) has been nicer to me lately but what I have seen within me is that she is a mirror to my moods. Thus if I was having a bad day, frustration with myself because I believe that I am not doing enough to get my website business going and struggling with wanting to do things that I think I should – then I go to work with that and thus I am already in a defensive mood – thus I take everything she does personally. These last two weeks I have been aware of my emotional tone when I go to work.

 I try to be aware of my backchat to want to blame her for not being how I think she should be and if I see her in a mood, instead to go into fear and judgment towards her, I am practicing being stable and if she does something that would of upset me in the past – I now let it go and realize it is not my job to change her and I look for was to be supportive for what she may be going through.

 I am also now doing this with my roommate – instead of become offended because I believed she was not treating me how I wanted her to or thought she should – which is what she was thinking about me – it is like I am swallowing my pride or I could say I am stopping the need to be right within my mind –and then I am able to see what needs to be done in the moment.

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