Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 67 Care About Life - Equal Money ORG

en: Diagram of hard problem of consciousness, ...
en: Diagram of hard problem of consciousness, English version. ja:意識の難しい問題、英語版。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Desteni Members are posting some of their blogs on a website call Conscious Index. We have been getting flax from them because we tell the truth about who we have become as the Human species. They want “inspirational” words. But these type of words do not Make a Change In Consciousness. In fact they keep us enslaved by diverting our attention on what is really going on – SO we will NOT change our nature, but keep with the status quo.

Here is a question someone asked from Conscious Index.

Does anyone have any information about "Equal Money System" and their members....More specifically why we got infiltrated with a lot of equal money advocates.
Why do they keep posting similar content from only a few sources?
Why do they have the equal money logo on their profile picture?
and the grand big finale question...drum roll.... what do they like so much about the Conscious Index and why?

We are sharing here because of the name Conscious Index – We are all connected by Consciousness – Equal Money is a manifestation Of the Love Thy Neighbor as Yourself and Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You consciousness. All cries for love and peace in the world – but love with out action does not work as we have seen through out the ages. Thus to create a new Paradigm of Consciousness We have to create a platform where All of Life will be treated with Dignity and Respect. We simple show how our world is not Living This Love as of yet, and Offer a solution that is in the Best Interest for All of Life. Thus we are open to all who cares to assist in making a difference. Check out our website where you can vote also EqualMoney Wiki tab has lots of information.
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