Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 106 Living Income Guaranteed is a Cause that will End All Causes.

Earth Democracy
Earth Democracy (Photo credit: Earthworm)
I have been involved with supporting the Proposal By: Living Income Guaranteed. I believe that instead of constantly trying to put out thousand of small fires – for example all of the many causes everyone want us to support – Like save the whales, save the children save our rights, save this save that, why not support the one cause that can end most all of these causes we want to fight for? And this would be the proposal the by Living Income Guaranteed – it actually address most all of our thousands of causes that everyone wants to support and change.

What is suggested is that we stop thinking that the world needs saving and start living and acting as custodians of our planet. If we lived like that the world would not need saving. Right now the way we live in this world is to make profit. And when that is the starting point we are not living as custodians, but as takers that do whatever we can get to make a profit. We do not consider others, or nature, we only considers money in our bank accounts.

So what does saving the world mean then?
Save it from what?

Right now saving the world usually means from global warming.
Or save the whales, the animals, the trees, nature, resources, war, and people who are starving. We are the reason why we have to save anything. We are the cause of all the abuse in the world.

In the proposal by Living Income Guaranteed, instead of having to “save” these things - we would be researching and studying ways to live equally with nature and each other.

There would be no more starving because there would be no more war. In war we destroy homes and farmlands in the areas we bomb, then the innocent have no food and shelter.

We fight these wars from propaganda spewed by the elite whose goal is to divide and conquer the world’s population and it has worked for thousands of years. They have control because we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be a slave to money and profit. Thus with a Living Income Guaranteed- all would have the necessary money they need to live a dignified life. The only way to have power over others is to create inequality. And this was created because we have allowed ourselves to believe we are not all equal in deservance of life.

With a Living Income Guaranteed we can wake up in the morning and not hear about all the atrocities that are endless and seem to have no solutions. We can wake up in the morning without fear of what the world governments are doing to each other. We can wake up without worrying if we will have the money value it takes to keep our homes and our children fed. We can stop worry about saving the world from ourselves. 

Implementing a Living Income Guaranteed would be the greatest act of kindness that we as a species have ever done.

See Living Income Guaranteed website -

Thank you for caring
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