Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 110 1. Realising and living my utmost potential

What this means to me is to be open to not judge and investigate all things. I also see that for me it is an on going process - that ones potential is not fixed in stone or something that can be taught.

I have always known something was not right within the world. By that I mean the consciousness of man. How people think seemed so limited and full of fear. As a child I was rebellious to religion and parents ideas of conditioning, for example, what a person “should do” and grow up to be. The short of it is, all things taught were basically out of fear of survival and what other might think of you if you did not behave in a certain way. Ones “potential” seemed to be based how you fit into the system, how well you do in competition, how you compare to others, how much money you have. The value of a person was considered by what they did, what they have, not who they are.

Thus for me living my utmost potential is to push through and stop living in fear and limited believe systems.
Fear will limit our potential. Thus I commit to see and investigate my thoughts that have a starting point of fear.

 I realize this is a process and an unfoldment of striping the layers of conditioned fears and believes that we have bought into. I commit to change my ideas of what is true Value, to one that is best for all of life. When one understands the value of life, one will understand that all that is here is life and to suppress it for ones self interest is to suppress potential. Competition and exploitation of others for our own gain is not a potential that I want to live as. As one become free of fear wherein they have SELF WORTH, we will not need to get our worth from the condemnation and enslavement of others.

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